The Supreme Show 2010 Results

Tabby & White Maine Coon owned by Mrs J A & Mr R J Gregson

Best SLH Adult

Best Semi-Longhair Adult, Supreme Adult & Supreme Exhibit
Julescoon Dexter (64 41w)

Red, Cream, AC Tortie Tabby Persian owned by Mr I Morris

Best Persian Adult

Best of Variety  Persian Adult
Ch Countrygirl Exotic Dancer (8e)

Self Exotic owned by Mr J M Rewcastle

BOV Persian Kitten

Best of Variety Persian Kitten & Supreme Kitten

Biboukatz Violinka (70 3)

AOC Persian owned by Miss T M White

BOV Persian Neuter

Best of Variety Persian Neuter
Imp Gr Ch IGrPr Mardigras Thecandy Mancan (12a7)

Seal Point Birman Kitten owned by Mr R Mlynek & Mr D Hayward

BOV SLH Kitten

Best of Variety Semi-Longhair Kitten
Mlyward Xcaliber (13c1)

AC Colourpointed Ragdoll owned by Mrs E Percival

BOV SLH Kitten

Best of Variety Semi-Longhair Neuter
Bleugems Believe-in-me (66w)

British Blue owned by Mrs M Young

BOV British Adult

Best of Variety British Adult
Ch Petticote Assasin (16)

British Black Kitten owned by Mrs S A Holloway

BOV British Kitten

Best of Variety British Kitten
Rayanshel Total Eclipse (15)

British Blue owned by Mr P J Booth

BOV British Neuter

Best of Variety British Neuter
Gr Ch Sup Imp Gr Pr Kolinga Cougar (16)

Abyssinian owned by Miss L Dawson

BOV Foreign Adult

Best of Variety Foreign Adult
Imp Gr Ch Glendavan Roderick-Jaynes (23)

Egyptian Mau Kitten owned by Mr K C & Mrs A L Munro

BOV Foreign Kitten

Best of Variety Foreign Kitten
TiggermauTwilight (78 30s)


BOV Foreign Neuter

Best of Variety Foreign Neuter & Supreme Neuter
Ch Imp Gr Pr Chrisan Camelott (Cornish Rex)

Chocolate Burmese owned by Mrs J L Wilshaw

BOV Burmese Adult

Best of Variety Burmese Adult
Imp Gr Ch Rossikhan Cupcake (27b)

AOC Tortie Burmese Kitten owned by Prof J E Bradley

BOV Burmese Kitten

Best of Variety Burmese Kitten
Shivarene Lady Guinevere (27j)

Brown Burmese owned by Mrs S Bridges

BOV Burmese Neuter

Best of Variety Burmese Neuter
UK & Imp Gr Ch & Pr Adtrebu Trinity (27)

Black & White Oriental Bicolour owned by Mrs P M norman & Mrs S E Johnson

BOV Oriental Adult

Best of Variety Oriental Adult
Ch Inlay Joop Van Scalindjo(48)

Oriental Cinnamon Kitten owned by Mrs C Simpson

BOV Oriental Kitten

Best of Variety Oriental Kitten
Shermese Kudos (37k)

Non-Self Oriental Shorthair owned by Mrs K Holder

BOV Oriental Neuter

Best of Variety Oriental Neuter
Imp Gr PrMylynn Magnifique (62 43s)

Seal Point Siamese owned by Mrs E Brock

BOV Siamese Adult

Best of Variety Siamese Adult
Gr Ch Kevels Purrsonality (24)

Red Point Siamese Kitten owned by Mr W Holdsworth

BOV Siamese Kitten

Best of Variety Siamese Kitten
Billstes Othello (32a)

Red, Cream or Apricot Point Siamese owned by Mrs K Smout

BOV Siamese Neuter

Best of Variety Siamese Neuter
Gr Pr Kamik Firecracka (32a)

Non-Pedigree Shorthair Adult owned by Mrs A J Symonds

Best Non-Pedigree

Supreme Non-Pedigree Pet


Best Pedigree Pet

Supreme Pedigree Pet

Slinky Malinky

Best Household Pet Kitten

Supreme Household Pet Kitten
Slinky Malinky

Photos by KS Digital and Robert Fox
Copyright GCCF 2015